Host a Supply Drive

School supply drives are a critical source of the product we offer to teachers through our 3 programs.  Local businesses, community organizations, families, and individuals have supported our mission through the collection of NEW school supply materials for distribution through our Resource Center.  School supply donations are accepted year-round.

Contact Brittany Swanson, Volunteer and Community Engagement Coordinator, at 612-270-1584 or for additional information, or to schedule a drop-off at our Resource Center.

Common school supply drive collection process:

Determine your method of collecting supplies.

There are 2 primary methods:  a one-day event in which donations are brought to one location to fill a large bin or vehicle, or an extended-period collection with barrels or boxes in stores, businesses, and high-traffic areas for supporters to drop off their donations.

Create a communication plan.

Remember that individuals may not support your supply drive unless you ask!  Building awareness is a key to the success of the drive.  Develop methods in which you can relay your message and build excitement to supporters, including e-marketing, social media, and signage.

Hold a kick-off event.

Tell potential supporters when the school supply drive starts and generate excitement in the lead-up to the start.  Be sure to have your collection plan in place prior to this event.

Get people involved.

Create competitions among businesses, departments, individuals, etc., to see who can collect the most supplies.  Continue to promote the supply drive on social media and throughout your community.

Follow Up.

Send thank-you letters to all who supported the cause, letting them know how much their support impacted the overall effort.  Inform your supporters of a final tally of supplies collected, along with the number of students impacted (we can provide this information to you upon receipt of the supplies).

Deliver your supplies.

Schedule the delivery of your supplies to Kids In Need Minnesota!

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